Today’s tech term is POTS. POTS is a term used to describe a standard single telephone line or land line. POTS stands for plain old telephone service and is usually used in households, small businesses and for specific purposes such as to run a fax machine. They usually have very few features associated with them … Read more

Digitize Me

Technical jargon can be hard to keep up with. From time to time I will take a technical term and explain it how I best understand it. Today I’m starting with VoIP or voice over internet protocol. Very basically put it means the telephone uses the internet to function. Your voice is digitized and sent … Read more

Man at work

A note from Rick, the help desk man: A quick hello from the help desk. Most of my days are filled with solving problems and getting things fixed but another thing I do is answer questions. I like you am an expert in my field but not an expert in all fields. If you have … Read more

Money savings

We serve the small to mid-size business market. As a small business ourselves we understand the need to save money and squeeze every dollar. We want you to get the most out of your money. We have tools that help us find the holes that are draining money out of your business. With a few … Read more

What we do.

You may be asking yourself what is Corporate Communications or possibly even wondering what it is we do. Very simply put we are a provider of voice and data infrastructure. We sell, install and repair the wire and cable that connects your telephones and computers to the networks that make up your voice and data … Read more