Facebook and Tech Term Tuesday

Back in June we brought on Betsy Beilke as our social media marketing consultant, since then we have had a lot of interesting post with terms and information. I decided that I should add this to our blog page as well so I am adding a lot of the posts from the past few months. You may want to follow our page on Facebook or look us up on LinkedIn as we will begin posting there. This is her first post introducing herself. Thanks for following us and I hope to hear from you soon. Rick

Hello! Hello! My name is Betsy Beilke and I am very excited to be joining the Corporate Communications team as their social media marketing assistant. I am looking forward to exploring all the different products and services that Corporate Communications has to offer with you and explaining how they fit into your life. Corporate Communications is a family run business meaning it is owned and operated by group of family members. I have grown up hearing communications lingo and learning through osmosis. I’m very happy to be joining the family business! As a result of growing up surrounded by technology I have a unique understanding and ability to explain technical jargon in words I hope everyone can understand.