Primary rate interface

Tech Term Tuesday!
9641G_left_smallPRI: PRI is short for Primary rate interface. It is a digital line that is used to deliver voice and data services. It is mostly used as a voice line that gives the ability to make or receive up to 23 phone calls at the same time. Because of this ability PRI uses significantly less resources than 23 analog lines. Also, they are generally much less expensive and more reliable. The break even point for using a PRI is about five or six analog lines after this point it is less expensive to use a PRI than analog lines. In addition to saving money you can generally get some added features such as direct dialing to an individual’s desk phone.

DVR digital video recorder

Tech Term : DVR and NVR as they relate to security cameras: When you hear the term DVR you may wonder if you remembered to set your home DVR to record your favorite show. However, when we use DVR we are talking about security for your home or business. In this context the DVR unit records video from digital cameras connected by coaxial cable. A NVR does the same thing only instead it connects to your existing network and uses IP cameras with CAT5 data wiring. A NVR system is usually licensed for a certain number of cameras with the option to add additional licensed cameras. A DVR unit has a number of actual ports meaning there is set number of cameras the DVR system can handle. Because of this the NVR system offers more flexibility.s4

Elmhurst Chamber of Commerce

elmhurst chamberBeing involved with the community is one the best parts of being a small business and one of the best ways to do that is to join your local chamber of commerce. We are members of the Elmhurst Chamber of Commerce. Being chamber of commerce members is important to us because it allows us to get to know other local businesses and stay in touch with the happenings in our community!


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