Avaya Phones

The mystery box that is in the back room may be the heart and soul of the phone system9504-left but it’s what’s sitting on your desk that you care about. Is it easy to use? does it have all the features I need? Does it look cool? And most importantly, how is that thing going to make me more money?1416_right

Even in this day and age of everything you need to know is on the internet your phone system is still as important as your front door. It is how your customers get to you and if they can’t get in for whatever reason they will go someplace else. It is the job of the phone system and all the pieces that go into it to offer an invitation to the outside world that says “Come In, We’re Open”.

It is also the tool that let’s you reach out and touch those you do business with and the ones you want to do business with.9641G_left_small To that end it should not only be easy to use it should help you along the way. Avaya’s line of phones for the IP Office range from the simple for the basic needs powerful for the CEO that needs more from his desk phone than just dialtone.

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