Corporate Communications is a full service communications company providing our customers with a wide range of voice and data products.
Corporate Communications products include digital and voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, which includes the following services:
• Consulting System Sales
• System Configuration
• Programing
• On-site installation
• On-site Training
• Warranty and maintenance contracts or maintenance by the hour

Low Voltage and fiber optic cable and termination accessories including but not limited to low voltage cable, such as Cat 5, 5e, 6 and fiber optic with the following services:
• Cable sales
• Cabling configuration
• Cable pulling and installation
• Patch panel installation and termination
• Workstation outlet installation and termination
• Fiber optic cable installation and termination
• Fiber optic shelf installation
• Testing and certifying of all low voltage cabling we install and testing and labeling of existing cable.
• Cabling for controlled access equipment
• Cabling for paging and audio equipment

Controlled access equipment for card key, key fob and many other devices to open and log coming and goings at all types of doors with the following services:
• Equipment sales
• System configuration
• Programing
• Providing supplies such as card keys, key fobs and other control devices
• Installation and testing
• Warranty and maintenance contracts or maintenance by the hour